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Online waiver form has taken over the traditional way of filling the waiver form. Waiting in a line for filling the forms for and maintaining their records has become a hectic task.

What is waiver?

A waiver is an agreement which has been signed between the two parties. It is a paper on which is to be read and signed showing their acceptance to the above written content.

Types of Waiver:

There are various kinds of waiver available online and offline. Which are being made for different use and  purpose. Some of the waiver are:

  • Medical waiver: Medical waiver is generally filed by doctors( Drugs and Medication)  for the patient. They usually sign an agreement with patients, when they serve their medicine.
  • Health & Fitness Waiver: Health and Fitness waivers are mainly singed by the Gym trainers and yoga trainers.
  • Accident Waiver: Accidental waiver is signed, at the places where the humans try to enjoy the things by keeping his life in danger. For examples, waiver for bungee jumping, Paintball gun firing etc.
  • Beauty  & salon Waiver: These are the agreement which is signed with the customer by the parlour and spa before using their products on them.

Why Waivers are needed:

Waiver or disclaimer of liability is most in need when it comes to security of the business. For example, in case of bungee jumping if the owner doesn’t tie up an agreement with the customer and the customer meet up any accident. This could lead to a serious issue. Thus Waiver Signing is a good practice and is primarily needed for many of the business.

CleverWaiver is here to help you with in signing those norms digitally. We provide the digital solution to replace the traditional paper waivers. Business owners can use our system to create their online liability waivers, collect and manage their electronic waiver using our system.


Custom Waiver: You can easily create your digital waiver within a minute by using our online waiver creation tool.

Collecting Waiver: You can simply open the unique waiver links in your browser to access our online waiver system.

Managing Waiver: Simply search your submitted waivers by name or signed date. And will easily find your waivers within seconds

with our digital waiver software.

Multi Language Support: Our digital waiver creation tool includes many different options. You can customize your waiver form to accommodate any language you might need.

Custom Fields: You can add fields to collect additional information from your customers on the waiver form. For example: email address, phone number, address, questions, etc.

Kiosk Apps: We have the application available for both Android and Apple (IOS) devices. Set up your iPads or Android tablets as a waiver station to start collecting digital signature waivers.


Dealing with Online Digital Waiver App

Setting Up a Digital Waiver

In recent years, an advance of tech has seen to impact the consumer market. It has triggered unexpected and exciting trends in the current market. Storing waivers have become the best solution. Setting up an online digital waiver is simple and needs only a few minutes. Our Online Waiver Solution is here to help you. In fact, it is easy to convert your existing papers well into a digital waiver

Using your Computer to Collect Online Waivers

We believe that no opportunities should be wasted. With waiver app, you can build a valuable statistic. This will help you to keep in touch with your customers. You can find useful and unique links and enjoy the amazing online digital waivers. With your personal computer, it will be easy for you to open the web links. This looks fantastic. It will suit all your online needs.

Using Free Kiosk Waiver App to Collect Waivers

We have digital waiver apps that are available for both IOS and Android systems. You don't have to struggle anymore. Here is the digital waiver kiosk app that will make your work easier. All that you need is to search CleverWaiver and the app will appear. It is there in either Google play or Apple app store. With this app, you can transform your Android tablet or iPad into the mobile waiver station.

Managing Signed Waivers

Digital signing waiver form is usually possible. It can be signed via online using your computer. It can also be signed at any location using your mobile device or tablet. You don't even need to have access the internet. Through our digital waiver service, we guarantee you security for all your documents. The documents will be stored well on our amazing online cloud database. This is the most secure and modern technique you can get. Search and find the digital signature waiver online within seconds.

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Digital Electronics Waiver Services - Making Waiver Signing More Convenient

Nowadays Online Waivers are everything. These are the most attractive way to express what your service is providing. Some of the most popular software programs provide you a digital waiver solution that is very convenient for the box owners. Here are a few simple but critical things you must know to ensure if your digital solution covers you when the worst occurs.

Express The Specifics:

This is the most important thing in online waivers and is most essential. You should have lawyer from your hometown that can survey the writings in your waiver to guarantee any state-explicit prerequisites which are already mentioned in the waiver.

Numerous states require particulars to be recorded in protection arrangements, so having your legal counselor survey both your strategy and your waiver when you open up is vital. For hell's sake, while you're busy, have a lawyer take a gander at your rent as well before you sign.

Where Are You?

The language in your waiver must incorporate an announcement concerning what state laws will apply on account of a claim. On the off chance that you don't have this basic sentence, you could wind up safeguarding a claim in an out-of-state court. In the present electronic age, most state courts are happy to practice locale over out-of-state organizations since sites can request business action from out-of-state members.

Try Not To Default:

Box following programming is extremely popular. It's practically difficult to be effective without it. Try not to utilize the default waiver language in the product. In the event that you need a valid justification for why it would be ideal if you see the passages above. On the off chance that your product does not enable you to change the default waiver language, get new programming. Get your waiver made only for you and drop it in the electronic layout gave. It enables each container to redo waiver language and this is vital.

Keep It!

On the off chance that your association is broken up, you sell your exercise center, and you have an entirely different life, despite everything you should be in control of your previous competitors' waivers. This will ensure you should you get drawn into a claim. Try not to confide in any individual who purchases your crate to keep your documents. On the off chance that you leave, guarantee you have an online stockpiling framework.

Digital Is Solid:

Advanced waivers limit information passage mistakes and dispose of capacity issues. You are likewise streamlining the competitor experience. Digital Sign was marked into law by President Clinton in 2000. This law gives lawful insurance to electronic waivers and gives them a similar load as that of paper contracts. .

With the help of Clever Waiver’s, Online Waiver Solution, one can convert existing papers into a digital waiver, and eliminate excess papers for good in just a few minutes! The electronic waiver services which we provide is perfect for creating online release forms and online liability waivers, and also for online waiver signing. We have developed the best online waiver service and best waiver software for you, to help you create and signing waivers simpler than ever.

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From WaiverDigital To CleverWaiver

Initially, we were super excited about the change of our brand name from WaiverDigital to CleverWaiver. But It was a big deal. As we have to change the brand name of each and every platform with which we are connected. We have to first change the whole domain name along with the name in each and every site which we are using for our SEO purpose along with the name in our Social media platforms. It was a tedious job though changing the brand name is a good thing, there are lots of extra work one have to perform after the change.


This happened all in the mid of this February when suddenly our team decided to do rebranding. Initially, we thought it will hamper our business and It really did.


We were really scared of that, but our SEO team helped us a lot in regaining the same amount of business and even more than that. But with the new brand name, we completely changed our business strategy. We started targeting new customers and tried to reach our former customers too and we were successful in doing so.


The main reason for doing the rebranding was just to get more business and it was really a great move. The other reason for rebranding was the ambiguity because some of our competitors were having the same brand name i.e similar to our older brand and to avoid the confusion between them and us we did the rebranding.


We tried to maintain the old flavor in the new dish by changing the website URL structure. The former website URL was https://www.waiverdigital.comand the new one is


The new name CleverWaiverhelped us a lot in differentiating us from our competitors. The new name is very catchy and it’s really user engaging.


As mentioned above, we did the rebranding in the mid of February this year. It was a great time, As it was just the beginning of the new year and with the new brand name we are improving a lot.


You must be wondering what is this “CleverWaiver” all about. With the help of our Online Waiver Solution, One can convert the existing papers into digital waivers more efficiently.


Our Electronic waiver services are perfect for creating online release forms and online liability waivers along with online waiver signing. We are one of the most popular online waiver service providers making the signing of waivers more easy and simple.



Our Contact Info:-


Organization Name:- CleverWaiver

Company URL:-  “

Address:- 8328 NE 117th st, Kirkland, WA 98034  



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Benefits of Using Kiosk Mode

The Kiosk Mode introduced in Cleverwaiver helps many signers to fill the complete form in front of you on an Android device. This mode is very helpful for many businesses to sign waivers or the important documents before receiving the product.

CleverWaiver: the best online waiver app, provides the most efficient online waiver kiosk mode for every business.

Our kiosk mode is available for all the android devices which helps the business to sign the documents anywhere with more efficiency than ever. This helps them in the successful accomplishment of their work, in turn, making us the top kiosk android app.

Let’s see some Kiosks available in general

Here are some of the benefits of CleverWaiver’s Kiosk mode.

Filling the form completely

The process of signing the form electronically makes sure that a document is filled completely before submitting. As we all know Humans makes mistakes, but in this case, there is no chance of committing mistakes because of Clever waiver’s backing.

While dealing with the filling of sensitive information, it is essential that all the fields are filled and kiosk mode makes sure about it. This ensures there won’t be an issue of liability in the future.

Privacy and Security

The CleverWaiver Kiosk mode ensures high-value security and privacy. With our waiver services, one can see the document history; who signed the form and on which date. Providing the business with the ability to ensure someone who signed the document and gives an extra layer of security and assurance.

Easy storing of documents:-

The best thing about our app is that get rid of storing the documents in cabinets and filling it. Once the form is filled it is saved in the database and after some time it will automatically get archived.

The business can see past records and the documents with the help of our app. This saves your time of digging the drawer and finding the document!


With the introduction of Kiosk mode, the business will notice a great shift in its efficiency. Once they start doing electronic signature process they will see the difference.

Here we are ending up the blog, With the use of electronics waivers, the process of doing signature made easy and kiosk mode is ruling the waiver market with it’s most effective features. We have developed the best online waiver service and best waiver software for you, to help you create and signing waivers simpler than ever.

  • Internet Kiosk:- Provides internet access to the public.
  • Information Kiosk:- Normally used in malls or theme parks for an informational basis.
  • Self-service Kiosk:- widely used for providing services like paying bills and filling the forms and so on.
  • Advertisement Kiosk:- Providing a greater opportunity for advertising purposes.




















How Electronic Waivers Can Simplify Your Business

In today’s digital world, no one wants to spend their precious time. Suppose you are a business owner and you see customers are standing in line and filling the form, It will be very frustrating for you as well as for them also.

The solution to this issue is Electronic Waivers. With the implementation of Electronic Waivers into your business, The customers can fill the form digitally and can make the process faster.

Kiosks Speeding up the Things:-

One can have waiver systems set up in kiosks and tablets as well. There will be no limits in setting up kiosks and your work will be done more quickly. By setting multiple kiosks during the peak time of your business will give space to multiple users at the same time.

Signing in Advance Save a Lot of Time:-

There are many benefits of Electronic Waivers. The customer can fill and sign the waiver in advance which save a lot of time. The customer can directly be directed to your business website, email or can even send you a text message directly from the waiver.

The waivers can also be implemented into smartphones, which is another benefit for business owners and for the customers too.

Customers can also set a password, this means whenever they visit your website, They have to complete the login process. Repeated customers will gain the benefit of this.

The staff members also won’t have to collect the waivers on papers, this increases the efficiency of the employees.


With all these new and efficient ways of collecting waivers, all the data is organized together and in a single source and in the most secure system.

The data can be easily imported to an excel file and one can search easily.

With the help of our Online Waiver Solution, you can convert your existing papers into a digital waiver, and eliminate excess papers for good in just a few minutes! Our electronic waiver service is perfect for creating online release forms and online liability waivers, and also for online waiver signing. We have created the best online waiver service and best waiver software to make creating and signing waivers simpler than ever.


Why Digital Waivers Are a Must For Your Business

Mishaps occur — regardless of whether you run a treetop experience course or outdoors gear rental shop. While you can do everything conceivable to guarantee visitors are protected and appropriately utilize the gear, there's constantly a danger of major or minor wounds and noteworthy harm or loss of property.

That is the reason it's ideal to ensure your business with risk waivers and tenant contracts.

Passing these paper records around, in any case; doesn't make for a smooth registration process. Think about every one of the individuals you have in the anteroom without a moment's delay.

As you're dealing with a huge gathering booking, a couple of others can show up requiring consideration. Regardless of whether you corral visitors to gather marks, pens could quit working, late entries may need duplicates, or somebody can sneak away without marking.

Isn't there a superior, less clamorous approach to cover your bases? Obviously there are Visitors can sign computerized waivers before they stroll through your entryway.

What is the need for digital waivers and agreements?

The is becoming completely digital, Along with that your touring, rents and business are also becoming digital. There are many reasons for using digital waivers, Let’s see what are they:-

Digital Waivers Requires Less Work:-

For filling paper waivers one needs more time. As the paper waivers are very lengthy and require more time to fill.

But in the case of Digital waivers, the person can easily fill the waiver within no time. With the help of an auto-form fill up one can efficiently fill the waiver in no time.

Faster check-ins:-

With the use of digital waivers, customers can do faster check-ins. The customers will fill the forms beforehand so that they won’t have to wait while doing check-ins somewhere.

Very Secure:-

Digital waivers are secured as compared to traditional waivers. There is a chance that the waivers written on paper may be lost but digital waivers won’t. They can be stored in the cloud and can be viewed whenever required.

Digital Waivers Makes a Great Impression:-

With the implementation of digital waivers in the business, one can save time, money and can finish the work more efficiently.

Digital waivers are changing the face of many industries and are making them more efficient in handling multiple customers.


With the help of our Online Waiver Solution, you can convert your existing papers into a digital waiver, and eliminate excess papers for good in just a few minutes! Our electronic waiver service is perfect for creating online release forms and online liability waivers, and also for online waiver signing. We have created the best online waiver service and best waiver software to make creating and signing waivers simpler than ever.