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Contactless Waiver Signing in the Difficult Times of COVID-19

As the world starts reopening and loosening limits on public meetings and business closures in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, business managers, event coordinators, and property owners are trying to get back to a sense of normality. It seems that it will not appear as usual, at least in the near term. The new norm will be social distancing, personal protective equipment, and reinforced cleaning measures. This pandemic has an indelible impact on consumer behavior, shifting priorities in particular to health and safety.

Why Contact-Less Interfaces Have Become an Integral Part of Customer Experience

The pandemic is a major catalyst for the adoption of touchless interfaces: 77% of consumers expect to increase their use of touchless technologies to avoid physical contact interactions. Even after the pandemic is over, 62% expect to increase their use, showing that this is a longevity trend. In certain countries, exuberance for the contactless is expected to wane once the pandemic is behind us. However, this may just reflect the difference between the heightened sense of anxiety of today and how consumers will behave in a world where concerns about health and safety are more balanced against other needs.

Let's Have a Look on Four Key Consumer Trends During COVID-19 Pandemic:

In a health-and-safety conscious world, touchless interfaces have become an integral part of customer experience.

●The pandemic offers a unique chance to speed up the use of voice-based interfaces in physical settings.

●The pandemic has triggered an upsurge in facial recognition technologies.

●Contactless Waiver is gaining ground as consumers are trying to avoid any interfaces they share.

Here are the simple ways to create a contact-less waiver signing process for your business:

Singing the Waiver Online

In your facility, the most obvious and efficient way to go touchless is to encourage your customers to complete the waiver online at home before they arrive at their business. Not only does this eliminate the need for participants to touch waiver signing stations at your site, but it also streamlines the check-in process when they arrive.

Generating a QR Code

When participants are unable to complete the waiver from home, instead of sending it to your waiver kiosk station, you can simply guide the participants to a printed QR code that you can hang from a wall or display on the front desk.

Text the Consumer Waiver

With this option, we can text the waiver to the customer's phone directly by using the waiver app. Simply select your waiver from a drop-down menu, add a phone number and a short message from the customer and click Send.

Using these three resources at your fingertips, you will be able to cut down on touching common items at your facility, giving your customers peace of mind and making your check-in process more effective.

Clever Waiver is Winning the Trust of Consumers in No-touch World

This big change in behavior means that across different industries, people are looking for touchless practices. Hence, organizations must reassess their customer experience to avoid physical touch with a focus on emerging technologies. Simultaneously, Clever Waiver is here to help you in creating a contact-less online waiver with data protection and security, which must be the critical concerns of the consumers.