Create online Accident waivers and release of liability forms

Digital Accident waivers are good for the accidental business you can be fill out waiver from any computer or smart Phone.

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Easy and secure accidental waiver form creation

Custom Waivers
Online Waiver Tool
You can create your digital waiver in just a few minutes by using our online waiver creation tool, or you can send us a copy of your existing waiver and we will create it for you at no additional cost.
Signatures and Initials
Collect digital waiver signatures online to add to your online waiver agreements. Your customers can enter their signatures easily using either their finger or with a mouse.
Custom Fields
You can add fields to collect additional information from your customers on the waiver form. For example: email address, phone number, address, questions, etc.
Taking Photos
You can also take photos on the waiverform. For example, you can take photos of your customer or their photo IDs and easily connect the photo to the rest of their account information.
Add a YouTube link onto the waiver form.Your customers can then select and watch the video.
Set up the waiver specifically for adults, oryou can set up online minor liability waivers for adults needing to sign for a minor. You can also set up a minimum age or maximum age for your participants.
Multi Language Support
Our digital waiver creation tool includes many different options. You can customize your waiver form to accommodate any language you might need.
You can customize your own electronicsignature waiver release by adding your own logo, background, color, questions and waiver text.
Collect Payments
We support integration of Stripe Payments. You can connect your stripe accounts and collect payments directly on the waiver form.
Collecting Waivers
Email Digital Waiver Links
Each of your digital waiver templates willhave a unique online waiver link. You can email the links to your customers, so they can complete electronic signature waivers in advance.
Kiosk Apps
We have the application available for both Android and Apple (IOS) devices. Set up your iPads or Android tablets as a waiver station to start collecting digital signature waivers.
Computer Browsers
You can open the unique waiver links on any available computer browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.) to access our online waiver system.
Embed to Website
We have created coding that you can copy and paste directly to your website. You can also let your technical staff add the digital waiver to your own website in any style you prefer.
QR Code
Print out a customized QR code and use it at your location. Your participants can then scan the code and fill out the waiver on their own smartphone.
Offline Mode
Our application supports offline mode. Without Internet you can turn on the airplane mode on your smartphone or tablets and start to collect waivers.
Managing Waivers
Search Waiver
Simply search waivers by name, phone, or signed dates. You will find your waivers within seconds on our digital waiver software.
Export Data
You can select the data range and download your waiver data into a spreadsheet format (CSV). You can also download the individual waiver into a PDF worksheet.
Dropbox & Google Drive Synchronization
Connect your Dropbox or Google Drive account. All of the signed waivers will be transferred as extra copies to PDF worksheets.
Staff Users
Add additional staff users to your Administration account. Staff users will have limited account permissions.
Add personal notes along with signatures to signed waivers. You will then be able to search through your waivers by the notes you added.
Email Marketing
Connect your MailChimp or Constant Contact account. E-mails on the waiver forms will be added to your selected list automatically.
Advanced Features
Renew Waivers for Returning Customers
Participants can search and renew their previous signed waivers by phone, email or name.
Email notification & Email Copies of Waiver
You can select the data range and download your waiver data into a spreadsheet format (CSV). You can also download the individual waiver into a PDF worksheet.
Star Micronics Thermal Receipt Printer
We proudly announce that we have partnered with Star Micronics Printers. You can connect the application with Star Micronics’ receipt printers by Bluetooth. It will print a confirmation receipt automatically when a waiver gets signed. This will largely improve the speed of your sign-up process.