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Benefits of Having a Secure Online Waiver Solutions for Business

If your company needs customers to issue liability waivers, then you already know how tedious it can be to have them all signed. Once customers come, they need to spend time filling out the form, and then you or your staff need to gather and arrange all those pieces of paper. This can be a stressful activity, especially for larger groups.

You may not have noticed it until now but you can boost your company by using the right electronic waiver solution. Not only to defend against liability but also to save time, to increase sales, and to boost the marketing plan.

So, with an online waiver, we have solutions to all of these problems and also provide additional benefits. Customers are able to sign their waivers digitally and the process becomes quicker.

Let's Have a Look at These Amazing Benefits of Waiver Solution


If you have a chance to save a few moments – consider it an accomplishment. With CleverWaiver cutting-edge waiver app which offers several tools to help clients with complete electronic waiver solutions in advance. Making local check-ins for everyone involved quicker and easier.

Online Waiver needs less work

People need more time to fill in paper waivers. Because paper waivers are very long and take longer to fill.

But in the case of CleverWaiver, the person can fill out the waiver easily within no time. With the aid of an auto-form fill up one can fill out the waiver easily in no time.

Improved Security

These days the protection of confidential information is a big deal. Businesses caught leaking sensitive customer data often face heavy fines or severe penalties. But with us, you don't have to worry about that.

Because with the access of automated online backup your data is protected against unwanted access. And your data is still available on any cloud-connected device anytime you need it.

Quicker Check-ins

Customers can do faster check-ins with the use of automated waivers. Customers must fill out the paperwork in advance so that they won't have to wait anywhere during check-in.

Improves Accuracy

Traditional waivers are often prone to errors that can cost big time for your company! If your client's handwriting is poor there are so many chances of having an eligible document.

You won't have to worry about all of that with online wavers because it automates the waiver forms the incomplete forms are immediately rejected and thus the entire process error is released.

Creating A Great First Impression

Let's face it-in the digital world we live in. We bank on our phones, we shop online, and we run our business on the web. So why should you use an antiquated waiver system?

More than ever, consumers demand digitality in their lives. To support this trend shows consumers that the brand is important and up-to-date to modern standards.

Easier Integration

Online waivers provide support for multiple tools, so you can send emails securely to your participants. We offer the best electronic waiver software which offers scheduling tools that work effortlessly to allow you enough time to complete tasks that would otherwise eat into more of your valuable time.


You can turn your papers into a digital waiver with the help of our Online Waiver Solution, and remove excess use of papers in just a few minutes for good! Our waiver service is suitable for developing online forms of release and online liability waivers, as well as for signing an online waiver.

Also, we will protect the authenticity of the document itself and provide a simple way for both you and your guests to review and store the document as you find necessary.