CleverWaiver is the best online digital waiver system with a waiver app on mobile phones, tablets, and Amazon Kindle Fires.

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Best Online Digital Waiver System and Waiver app

Online waiver solution to manage your signed waivers and customers' data.


You can turn your current papers into a digital waiver with the aid of our Online Waiver Solution, and remove excess papers in just a few minutes for good! Our electronic waiver service is suitable for generating online forms of release and certificates of online responsibility, as well as for signing an online waiver. We have created the best online waiver service and best waiver software to make creating and signing waivers simpler than ever.


For your digital waivers online you can find unique links on our web. With ease, you can open the web links on your computer and start collecting electronic waivers on your own computer!


We are offering free wireless waiver applications for both Android and IOS systems. You can simply go to the Apple app store or Google Play to check for "CleverWaiver" and our digital waiver kiosk app will appear. You can convert your iPad or Android tablet into a mobile waiver station, using the online waiver kiosk.


Via our electronic waiver program, all your records will be securely stored in our online cloud storage and 256-bit encrypted, the most modern and efficient technique. You can easily search for and find a digital signature waiver in seconds.


You still have access to your wireless waivers when you don't have access to the Internet or are in the airplane mode on your iPad or Android phone! Attach these local waivers to your iPads or Android systems when you return to secure Internet access of your waiver app.


You can attach a link to your website to an electronic waiver, or email the electronic waiver connection directly to customers so they can sign the digital waiver in advance. This choice is especially useful when it comes to medical waiver forms, health waivers and release forms, beauty salon client waiver forms or release waivers of liability.

How our waiver kiosk system streamlines your business

Many of the other leading sign-in kiosk systems have only the most basic features. You can access a whole suite of features and tools with CleverWaiver that streamline some aspects of your business.

1. Release yourself after signing the waiver

Our system requires limited monitoring, allowing more flexibility for you or your workers. You can spend time otherwise managing this process, preparing the gear for an adventure, guest refreshments, or other important tasks.

2. A fully custom-built system of sign-in and development

Our system allows you to build the sign-in process to suit your requirements for compliance or liability, and the intuitive design of our app quickly guides guests through the process.

You can also customize the sign-in splash screen and signing pages with your logo and branding.

3. Contact information, waivers and agreements stored in the cloud permanently

No more paper, no more filing, no more recording of data.

Our waiver management system permanently stores the data of each guest and signed agreements in our secure online cloud storage. Both certificates and contact information can be exported manually or backed up automatically each month for backup purposes.

4. Capture photos

Our waiver app allows images to be taken via your phone camera. If your visitors sign legal agreements, having pictures of a guest on record provides an extra layer of security.

5. One account, multiple devices

Need to use our several locations waiver app to sign-in? Most of our plans require you to concurrently log in to multiple devices.

6. Store and choose from multiple waiver templates

Do you need to use various exceptions in different locations? In ours waiver management system, you can store multiple waiver templates and have guests sign the right waiver at the right time.

7. Get answers to important questions on-the-fly

To help tailor your marketing, you want to gain valuable insights from your customers? As a text field, various choices, or drop-down, you can add questions to your sign-in process. To view and export data, you can then use our analytics dashboard to help you make better business decisions.


With the help of our Online Waiver Solution, you can convert your existing papers into a digital waiver, and eliminate excess papers for good in just a few minutes! Our electronic waiver service is perfect for creating online release forms and online liability waivers, and also for online waiver signing. We have created the best online waiver service and best waiver software to make creating and signing waivers simpler than ever.