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Benefits of Using Kiosk Mode

The Kiosk Mode introduced in Cleverwaiver helps many signers to fill the complete form in front of you on an Android device. This mode is very helpful for many businesses to sign waivers or the important documents before receiving the product.

CleverWaiver: the best online waiver app, provides the most efficient online waiver kiosk mode for every business.

Our kiosk mode is available for all the android devices which helps the business to sign the documents anywhere with more efficiency than ever. This helps them in the successful accomplishment of their work, in turn, making us the top kiosk android app.

Let’s see some Kiosks available in general

Here are some of the benefits of CleverWaiver’s Kiosk mode.

Filling the form completely

The process of signing the form electronically makes sure that a document is filled completely before submitting. As we all know Humans makes mistakes, but in this case, there is no chance of committing mistakes because of Clever waiver’s backing.

While dealing with the filling of sensitive information, it is essential that all the fields are filled and kiosk mode makes sure about it. This ensures there won’t be an issue of liability in the future.

Privacy and Security

The CleverWaiver Kiosk mode ensures high-value security and privacy. With our waiver services, one can see the document history; who signed the form and on which date. Providing the business with the ability to ensure someone who signed the document and gives an extra layer of security and assurance.

Easy storing of documents:-

The best thing about our app is that get rid of storing the documents in cabinets and filling it. Once the form is filled it is saved in the database and after some time it will automatically get archived.

The business can see past records and the documents with the help of our app. This saves your time of digging the drawer and finding the document!


With the introduction of Kiosk mode, the business will notice a great shift in its efficiency. Once they start doing electronic signature process they will see the difference.

Here we are ending up the blog, With the use of electronics waivers, the process of doing signature made easy and kiosk mode is ruling the waiver market with it’s most effective features. We have developed the best online waiver service and best waiver software for you, to help you create and signing waivers simpler than ever.

  • Internet Kiosk:- Provides internet access to the public.
  • Information Kiosk:- Normally used in malls or theme parks for an informational basis.
  • Self-service Kiosk:- widely used for providing services like paying bills and filling the forms and so on.
  • Advertisement Kiosk:- Providing a greater opportunity for advertising purposes.