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Online waiver form has taken over the traditional way of filling the waiver form. Waiting in a line for filling the forms for and maintaining their records has become a hectic task.

What is waiver?

A waiver is an agreement which has been signed between the two parties. It is a paper on which is to be read and signed showing their acceptance to the above written content.

Types of Waiver:

There are various kinds of waiver available online and offline. Which are being made for different use and  purpose. Some of the waiver are:

Why Waivers are needed:

Waiver or disclaimer of liability is most in need when it comes to security of the business. For example, in case of bungee jumping if the owner doesn’t tie up an agreement with the customer and the customer meet up any accident. This could lead to a serious issue. Thus Waiver Signing is a good practice and is primarily needed for many of the business.

CleverWaiver is here to help you with in signing those norms digitally. We provide the digital solution to replace the traditional paper waivers. Business owners can use our system to create their online liability waivers, collect and manage their electronic waiver using our system.


Custom Waiver: You can easily create your digital waiver within a minute by using our online waiver creation tool.

Collecting Waiver: You can simply open the unique waiver links in your browser to access our online waiver system.

Managing Waiver: Simply search your submitted waivers by name or signed date. And will easily find your waivers within seconds

with our digital waiver software.

Multi Language Support: Our digital waiver creation tool includes many different options. You can customize your waiver form to accommodate any language you might need.

Custom Fields: You can add fields to collect additional information from your customers on the waiver form. For example: email address, phone number, address, questions, etc.

Kiosk Apps: We have the application available for both Android and Apple (IOS) devices. Set up your iPads or Android tablets as a waiver station to start collecting digital signature waivers.