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Protect Your Beauty Business With COVID-19 Liability Waivers

Liability waivers cover all kinds of enterprises from possible lawsuits — from high-risk practices such as skydiving to comparatively harmless facilities such as those provided at your local beauty salon.

Many salons have clients signing COVID-19 online waivers of liability as protection from lawsuits for coronavirus exposure. Do you consider using a waiver, or did you use one?

For any sector, including personal care providers, COVID-19 liability waivers will take the protection even further. That is why the online beauty salon waiver gives both the company and the end-user unique benefits.

What This Means for Your Salon

Clients are more delighted than ever about getting their hair and nails done at your beauty salon and you're excited to help them! It is crucial though that you don't get too far ahead of yourself. Making sure visitors sign a waiver of liability before they can be handled is one way of securing yourself from future litigation that might occur.

In simple words, If a visitor enters an area marked off consumer limits, opens a lightener tub, and gets any issue with their health, the company will certainly be safe if the visitor signed a waiver of liability.

It is therefore important that each guest understands inherent risks and decides to take some obligation upon itself. Otherwise, you run the risk of a court dispute that can cost you sales and prestige drastically.

Features of Online Beauty Salon Waiver App

Attaching Images

It allows free customization of the photograph-taking process. You can use an iPad, iPhone, and Android system camera to take images and immediately connect them to your document or form.

Export & Import Data

We provide the dashboard for clients to access and browse, view, print, or import PDFs of all submitted forms and documents instantly.

Custom Fields

You may add fields to the waiver form to obtain additional details from your clients. For instance: email address, phone number, address, questions, and so on.

Multi-lingual Support

Our method for generating online waivers includes several different choices. You may customize your waiver form to suit any language you can need.

Offline Mode

Our waiver app supports the offline mode feature. You can turn on the flight mode on your smartphone or tablets without the Internet and start collecting waivers.

Advantages of a COVID-19 Liability Waiver For Beauty Salon

Easy to Set up

COVID-19 online waiver makes it super easy to create and change the form in just a matter of minutes and you can add any additional clauses directly relevant to your business as an additional security measure.

Business Enforcement

If your employees or customers contract coronavirus when they visit your shop or interact directly with your staff and management team, a COVID-19 liability waiver will exempt the business from any legal obligation.

Remote Signing Features

Our remote signing feature allows guests to sign and be ready to go before they arrive at your lounge, thereby reducing worries about germs and crowded areas.

Maintaining Customer Data

With CleverWaiver, your customer data is stored in a secure waiver database that is easy to access, so you can have any information at your fingertips when you need it.

Build Your Own Beauty Salon Waiver

Go paperless and streamline your business with our waiver app. CleverWaiver provides an affordable, safe, and cohesive tool for your Spa, Salon, Tattoo, Piercing, Beauty businesses.

We will help you turn an existing salon waiver into an upgraded, high-quality, digital version in no time. And even though your salon has never used exemptions from liability, we also have the tools to create entirely personalized waivers from the ground up.