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From WaiverDigital To CleverWaiver

Initially, we were super excited about the change of our brand name from WaiverDigital to CleverWaiver. But It was a big deal. As we have to change the brand name of each and every platform with which we are connected. We have to first change the whole domain name along with the name in each and every site which we are using for our SEO purpose along with the name in our Social media platforms. It was a tedious job though changing the brand name is a good thing, there are lots of extra work one have to perform after the change.


This happened all in the mid of this February when suddenly our team decided to do rebranding. Initially, we thought it will hamper our business and It really did.


We were really scared of that, but our SEO team helped us a lot in regaining the same amount of business and even more than that. But with the new brand name, we completely changed our business strategy. We started targeting new customers and tried to reach our former customers too and we were successful in doing so.


The main reason for doing the rebranding was just to get more business and it was really a great move. The other reason for rebranding was the ambiguity because some of our competitors were having the same brand name i.e similar to our older brand and to avoid the confusion between them and us we did the rebranding.


We tried to maintain the old flavor in the new dish by changing the website URL structure. The former website URL was https://www.waiverdigital.comand the new one is


The new name CleverWaiverhelped us a lot in differentiating us from our competitors. The new name is very catchy and it’s really user engaging.


As mentioned above, we did the rebranding in the mid of February this year. It was a great time, As it was just the beginning of the new year and with the new brand name we are improving a lot.


You must be wondering what is this “CleverWaiver” all about. With the help of our Online Waiver Solution, One can convert the existing papers into digital waivers more efficiently.


Our Electronic waiver services are perfect for creating online release forms and online liability waivers along with online waiver signing. We are one of the most popular online waiver service providers making the signing of waivers more easy and simple.



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